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If your palate is jadded, if you of tired of passive food. WELCOME to Chilli Willis Red hot fare. Food that has to be 'Indian wrestled' down, Recipes that wake-the-dead, sock scorchers, melt cutlery. Post your recipes, try the recipes, comment and vote. Please note, these recipes come with a Dept of Health warning for the very young, infirm and with heart conditions.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Why Chili Willi's Recipes for Aficionados

Chili Willi is fed up with subtle food!! Who wants to eat without the sides of the mouth being involved. What is the tongue for, have chefs ever heard of taste buds, north of the tropics.

This blog aims to bring taste back to food. Why should half the world eat REAL food while the rest get by with Supermarket "heat and serve" stodge.

Fight back, with Chili Willi's gut wrenching, taste bud bursting, vaso-dilating concoctions. Copy, cook, taste and comment or vote.

Send me your recipes, I am pleading with you for some STRONG stuff.

The best recipe will be awarded, 'Chilli Willi's Hot to Drop' Golden Sentence.


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